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Reporting Guidelines for Survey Research: An Analysis of Published Guidance and Reporting Practices.

Published on August 4th in PLoS Medicine, an article from Carol Benett et al about the reporting guidelines for survey research available.

The researchers reviewed “Instructions for Authors” for reporting survey research of leading medical journals and in published literature; conducted a systematic review about the quality of reporting of surveys, identified quality criteria for the conduct of survey research; and reviewed recently published reports of self-administered surveys to assess how these criteria is currently applied

The authors identified that optimal reporting guideline for survey research is lacking and that in many cases; researchers apply the STROBE guidelines, because it includes recommendations for cross-sectional studies, which often involve surveys. Furthermore, the authors highlight that not all surveys are epidemiological and that the STROBE recommendations do not specifically address this type of research and propose to develop a reporting guideline specifically for survey research as an extension of STROBE.

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