STROBE group meeting 2010

Revising the STROBE recommendations

The Strobe group met in Bern, Switzerland in August 2010 to discuss the revision of the STROBE recommendations.

The Strobe group (Click here to meet the people) met in Bern, Switzerland in August 2010 to discuss the revision of the STROBE recommendations.  A group of 15 epidemiologists, methodologists, statisticians, journal editors, young researchers and students were invited to participate in the 3-day workshop. 

The aims of the workshop were to discuss the impact of the STROBE statement, its accompanying explanatory documents, and its website and to identify items that need to be revised, and potential new items for inclusion based on the new evidence on the reporting of cohort, case-control and cross-sectional studies emerged since the publication of STROBE.

Topics as registration of observational studies, new analysis methods, uses of the STROBE recommendations,  journal endorsements, etc were on the agenda. The result of the recent online-survey as well as comments, letters and editorials about STROBE published so far, were fundamental part of the discussion.  

On the third day a session was devoted to scope a possible extension of the PRISMA recommendations for observational studies. 

The group agreed that it is too early to embark in a major revision. A draft revised checklist taking into account the suggestions for modifications and conclusions proposed during the meeting will serve as basis for the discussion in the next meeting in 2012.

In the next months the group will be working on different publications to summarize the main discussion points and results of this meeting.  

We are most grateful to all supporters of the workshop: Swiss National Science Foundation, Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine of the University of Bern and to all the people that provide us with their input through to the online survey.


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