ACT now: Accuracy, Completeness, and Transparency in health research reporting -11 - 12 October 2012; Freiburg, Germany

Registrations and call for abstracts

We are pleased to announce that the registration and call for abstracts for the 2012 scientific symposium and 4thEQUATOR Annual Lecture organised by the EQUATOR Network and the German Cochrane Centre is now open.


For registration details please visit:

 Call for abstracts

For details of the call for abstracts and submission information please visit: The symposium will be of great interest to health research scientists and clinicians, journal editors and peer reviewers, reporting guideline developers, publishers, research funders and other professionals involved in research education, research governance and the publication of medical research.

 The focus of the meeting is to:

Highlight critical issues in health research reporting and its wider consequences

Present key findings from relevant scientific research; topics include:

Reporting quality of research studies in all areas of medicine

Common problems in research reporting (e.g. publication bias, selective reporting, inconsistencies between protocol and publication, misinterpretation of research findings)

Impact and consequences of poor reporting on systematic reviews and clinical guidelines, clinical practice, and patients’ care

Development of robust reporting guidelines

Implementation of reporting guidelines in journals, and by research and funding organisations

Initiatives to improve the transparency of the research literature (e.g. data sharing, registration of research projects, publication of protocols)

Development and delivery of educational and training programmes on rigorous research reporting and available guidelines

Discuss potential solutions for improvement of health research literature and share experiences

 More information is available on the EQUATOR Network website

 With best wishes,

on behalf of the organising committee:

Gerd Antes, Britta Lang and Brigitte Weber (Freiburg)
Doug Altman, Shona Kirtley, Iveta Simera (Oxford)
and The team of 'kongress & kommunikation' (Freiburg)

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